Sustainability Mission

We take great pride in being an established, value-driven, sustainable service provider. We have been contributing fairly to sustainability in textiles by improving services, supplier training, training of trainers, traceability, transparency and supplying ethically sound goods. We are committed to reducing emissions in accordance with the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), Paris Agreement to limit global warming and the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol. Fair labour practises, the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as the creation of opportunities in local communities, are all ways we will continue to set the bar high. We believe a transition to a circular product offering is acceptable to deliver environmental and social benefits as well as unlock economic opportunities.

Sustainable Development Goals

We frequently communicate with our partner factories to assess their contribution and status in relation to all SDGs. The exercise assesses our vendor’s position on the Global Goals using performance and positive effect questions. We are committed to achieving the SDGs through aligning activities, programmes, and sustainability. The emphasis is on reducing poverty, creating sustainable communities, water conservation, energy preservation, health and safety, harmony, integrity, and strong societies.



We, along with our partner factories, are setting the benchmark for responsible production by meeting the highest environmental performance standards. The emphasis is on lowering greenhouse gas emissions, conserving water, increasing the use of sustainable materials, circular product offerings, solid waste management, chemical management, clean energy, energy-efficient equipment, structural integrity, and green building certifications.



We, along with our partner factories, are constructing a diverse, inclusive, and engaged workforce in order to create a high-performing organisation. The emphasis is on expanding workforce diversity, employee engagement, community well-being, and workforce training for current and future capabilities.


Gender Equality

We are concentrating on women empowerment, such as hiring women in all appropriate roles in our partner factories. Occasionally increasing the proportion of women on executive and non-executive teams by an amount. Placement of management representatives at all production facilities to address any complaint or grievance involving the workplace, the working environment, employee welfare, and discipline. Day-care facilities offer support to busy mothers and guarantee excellent pre-primary education and development. Our partner factories offer free and secure pick-up and drop-off services, concentrated exercises, leisure and sports activities, and involvement in compliance committees. Women are represented in every department and in non-traditional roles. Ensure a secure working environment and abide by all laws and regulations.

Our Affiliated Factories prevailing ESG framework

System Security and Compliance
Product Certification
Garment Treatments
Assurances of Environmental and
Social Compliance Standard